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How To Create An ACT Document

This article covers steps and information common to the creation of any ACT document type and reason. 

Before getting started
  • Validate the employee's SSN using the Find Window.
  • Verify there are no Open ACT documents for the person on any assignment.
Official policies or guidance

Who can access this report

HR Organization Administrators and HR Organization Officers with an Oracle HR Officer responsibility

Navigate to

Oracle HR Officer → HR Transactions → ACT

1. Use the Find window to find the employee

2. Click Create New Document.


3. On the ACT Main Form, Choose the LOV for Document Reason.

4. Select the appropriate Document Reason and click OK

5. Enter the Effective Date

6. Use the Attachments checkbox to indicate whether documentation will be provided. 

STOP: Once you SAVE the document, you will not be able to edit these fields. 

7. Click SAVE at the bottom of the form. The system will assign a Document Number and the Document Status is now OPEN

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