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Managing Goals in UAB Perform

In UAB Perform, you can add, edit, and remove goals for the current fiscal year or view goals from previous years. 

There are two types of goals that can be entered: 

  • Performance Goals, which relate to productivity, accountability, assignments, or other aspects of work performance.
  • Development Goals, which relate to training, learning, skill building, or other aspects of professional or career development.

Goals must be entered before submitting your self-evaluation. 

How to Add Goals to the Self-Evaluation

Log into UAB Perform.

  1. Click the My Goals button.
  2. Note: Goals must be entered before submitting your self-evaluation. The Evaluation Progress chart should display a yellow "In Progress" indicator on the Employee Submit Evaluation box.
  3. Goals for the upcoming (next) year open by default. On the Goals page, enter the Goal, Goal Description, and select a Goal Type. You can also delete an existing goal from the list by clicking the Delete button.
  4. Click Add New Goal to add a new row to the goals table.
  5. Click Save to preserve your changes. Changes are not saved automatically. All Saved Goals will appear on the My Goals button.

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