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Submitting a Self-Evaluation in UAB Perform

The self-evaluation allows an opportunity to share your assessments and comments about your job performance over the past year. Once submitted, the self-evaluation is shared with your manager and will be stored as part of your performance evaluation after the evaluation is completed.

How to Complete a Self-Evaluation in UAB Perform

In UAB Perform:

  1. If applicable, add your goals.
  2. From the Home screen, click My Self-Evaluation.
  3. For each section, select your assessment ratings and/or enter comments. Be sure to save your changes frequently.

    You must add comments for any section which contains a rating other than Meets Expectations.

  4. Review your Goals, Ratings, and Comments to ensure all are completed for your Self-Evaluation. If ready, click Submit. Once your evaluation is Submitted, it cannot be edited.
  5. Submitted evaluations will be displayed to your supervisor. Once your supervisor Submits their portion of the evaluation, your performance evaluation will be ready to sign. Learn more about signing the evaluation

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