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Viewing Previous Performance Evaluations

You may view performance evaluations from previous years in UAB Perform. Past evaluations are only available if they were submitted in UAB Perform. Uploads, other evaluation tools, or incomplete evaluations are not available; however, in some cases, they may be requested. Learn more

How to View Your Previous Performance Evaluations

In UAB Perform

  1. Click the View Previous Evaluations button from the homepage.
  2. On the Previous Evaluations page, select your preferred options, then click View Evaluation.
  3. The Evaluation Type allows you to choose between self-evaluations and performance evaluations. Self-evaluations include only your own entries, while performance evaluations include yours plus your supervisor's. Either option is only available if there was a successfully submitted evaluation for the selected year.
  4. The Year to View selector allows you to select the desired year.

Requesting a Previous Performance Evaluation

Your Workforce Group can help with locating previous evaluations.

Workgroup A

Most Workgroup A staff evaluations are completed through UAB Perform. If a previous evaluation completed in UAB Perform is not available using the steps above, then it may not have been submitted. Evaluations that were not submitted are not retained and are not accessible by UAB Human Resources. 

Workgroup F

Most Workgroup F faculty evaluations are uploaded by department staff. These evaluations may be obtained from your department, if applicable, or requested from HR Records Administration ( Be sure to provide your employee number if submitting a request.

Workgroup C

Most Workgroup C staff evaluations are completed in SuccessFactors. UAB Human Resources (campus) does not have access to SuccessFactors and is unable to obtain evaluations completed through this system.

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