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The Supervisor Dashboard in UAB Perform

Supervisors use the Supervisor Dashboard to access their employees' evaluations, see the status of their team's evaluation progress, view past evaluations, and more. 

There are two types of supervisors in UAB Perform:

  • "Oracle Supervisor," or an employee's official supervisor as assigned in the Oracle system of record.
  • "Assigned Supervisor," or a supervisor assigned within UAB Perform solely for the purpose of completing an employee's evaluation.

Locating the Supervisor Dashboard

The Supervisor Dashboard in UAB Perform is displayed below your evaluation details. You must have one or more employees assigned to you to locate the Supervisor Dashboard.

How to Use the Supervisor Dashboard

Understanding the status columns

The statuses display progress of each employee toward their evaluations.

  • Click the Open Goals button to open an employee's goals.
  • Click the Open Eval button to open an employee's evaluation.
  • Eval Required displays whether an evaluation is required for the employee. For more information on evaluation requirements, see Annual Evaluation Essentials.
  • Employee Submitted indicates whether the employee has submitted his/her self-evaluation.
  • Supv Submitted indicates whether you have submitted your supervisor evaluation of the employee. (Note: The employee must submit their self-evaluation before a supervisor may submit their evaluation of the employee.)
  • Employee Signed and Supv Signed indicates whether the employee or supervisor have signed the evaluation. The evaluation may only be signed once the supervisor has submitted their evaluation of the employee.
  • Once the supervisor and employee have signed the evaluation, it is completed.

Using the Options menu

The Options button displays a menu of options for an employee's evaluations.

  • Click Options to expand the options menu.
  • View Previous Performance Evaluations allows you to view an employee's prior year performance evaluations. (Note: Only evaluations previously completed in UAB Perform will be accessible.)
  • Assign Supervisor allows you to designate a different employee as an evaluator. Learn more

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