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Reopening an Employee's Evaluation

Supervisors may reopen their employee's performance evaluation to allow the employee to make edits to their goals or self-evaluation. They can also reopen the supervisor portion of the evaluation to make changes or updates to their ratings or comments. 

Once either person signs the evaluation, it cannot be reopened by the supervisor. Learn more

How to Reopen an Employee's Evaluation

As a supervisor in UAB Perform:

  1. Locate the employee on the Manager Dashboard, then click Options.
  2. Click Reopen Eval.
  3. On the reopen screen, select the desired action, then click Save. Ratings or comments will not be deleted by reopening either evaluation.
  4. You or your employee may need to log out, then log back in to see the change take effect.

Reopening a Signed Evaluation

If the employee or supervisor have signed the evaluation, then the supervisor cannot reopen it. However, Central HR can remove signatures and reopen the evaluation for the employee or supervisor upon request to allow for correcting mistakes or typos. To request a signed evaluation be reopened, contact Both the employee and supervisor must be included on requests.

Please note, signing an evaluation confirms you have read the document. It does not indicate agreement with ratings or comments. We are unable to reopen evaluations to employees for the purposes of responding to supervisor ratings/comments or entering rebuttals to the evaluation.

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