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Managing Alternate Supervisors

As a supervisor in UAB Perform, you may reassign one of your employees' performance evaluations to another of your direct reports using the Alternate Supervisor feature.

Alternate Supervisors are used when another employee other than the official supervisor of record ("Oracle supervisor") needs to complete the employee's evaluation. To ensure continuity with other systems and processes, we always recommend updating the official supervisor of record when possible.

How to Edit the Alternate Supervisor

As a supervisor in UAB Perform:

  1. Locate the Supervisor Dashboard.
  2. Click Options to expand the menu, then click Assign Supervisor.
  3. On the Asign Supervisor page, click in the Alternate Supervisor box and search for the new supervisor using BlazerID or Lastname, Firstname. You may also clear the existing assigned supervisor using the Clear Alternate Supervisor button.

    You can only assign an employee to another of your direct reports. To reassign an employee to a supervisor outside of your direct reports, contact your department's admin user.

  4. Click Save.

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