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Signing an Evaluation in UAB Perform

The performance evaluation is a combination of the employee's self-evaluation ratings/comments and the supervisor's ratings/comments. Both the supervisor and the employee must have submitted their portion of the evaluation before it can be signed.

How to Sign Your Evaluation in UAB Perform

In UAB Perform:

  1. Click View or Sign My Completed Evaluation. (Note: This button is only enabled after your supervisor submits their portion of the evaluation.)
  2. The evaluation displayed includes your self-evaluation ratings and comments as well as your supervisor's ratings and comments. You may review all information before signing.
  3. To sign the evaluation, scroll to the bottom of the page. Check the signature box, then enter your name. Note: Signing the evaluation confirms you have read the document. It does not indicate agreement with ratings/comments.
  4. Once you and your supervisor have signed the evaluation, the evaluation is complete.

How to Sign an Employee's Evaluation in UAB Perform

As a supervisor in UAB Perform:

  1. Click the Open Eval button next to the employee's name on the Supervisor Dashboard. (Note: In order to sign the evaluation, both the employee and supervisor evaluations must be submitted.)
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the evaluation screen. As you scroll, be sure to review your evaluation ratings and comments.
  3. Click Sign this document, then enter your name. Click Set Signature.
  4. Once you and your employee have signed the evaluation, the evaluation is complete.

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